Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is this?

Make your guess!!!


Jay said...

The most beautiful butterfly ever seen -- just about ready to leave its cocoon.

Jay said...

Dr. David Banner, just before he turns into The Hulk.

Tena said...

I know! I know! But I want to see what others will guess - love the HULK guess!

Brady said...

Conner thought the butterfly guess was "sweet"!
and he loved the "Hulk" guess!

Can you tell by this picture what kind of a week we have had?

Valerie said...

You have taken the term "going gree" literally.

I can't help but notice you figured out the signature line....do share the info please.

Love V

Jodi Sue said...

Love the "Going Green"!

Singature line - not really - it looks stupid!
I'd love guidance in this area too! :)

connie said...

Jodie Sue~
Is that you - lol? Never thought of that as a way of escape.
Hey, friend, I need your email addy. Lost my addy book when my computer crashed. cjohnson@pldi.net

Amy in Arizona said...

Is that something for Conner's sensory issues? My boys would LOVE something like that!!


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