Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can't stop looking!

I am having a hard time not spending all my free time
on different adoption websites of Waiting Children.

In November I remember just craving to bring Jorja home!
I wanted to get her home, to love her, to teach her,
to not have to worry about her while she is half a world a way.

We had found Jorja a year to the day before we left for
China to finally hold her in our arms.
That was such a hard year - missing her, preparing for her, loving her from a far.

I remember wanting to get her home so that
I could have peace that my family was finally under one roof.

After Jailyn's adoption I really had no need to
look at faces of the Waiting Children.
I had my daughter home and was content -
of course, until we saw Jorja's face! :)

But, from the first week home with Jorja I have not been able to
tear away from these precious children.
Not that Jorja's presence is any less then Jailyn,
but my heart is growing and breaking at the same time.
There are soooo many beautiful children around the world who just want a family.

We're praying that God will lead us to where he wants us to go.
Jailyn tells us we need to go back to China,
but some us are thinking Africa is where we need to go.

It is still so hard to gaze at these faces, look into their eyes, read about
each child...
and walk away knowing that I am not in the middle of
paperwork to bring one of them home.

I wonder where Jailyn and Jorja would be today if we had not said, "yes".
Even more so,
I wonder where the rest of us would be without
Jailyn and Jorja in our life and our family!

A friend sent me this link to a story of another family in town
who adopted a 14 year old boy from China.
Here are the links, to this beautiful story -
be sure to have the Kleenex close by!

A family Portrait Part I
A family Portrait Part II


Shonni said...

We will be praying...I have learned that stepping out of the "normal" box is worth everything!
Praying that the LORD leads you to your next little one!

Nicole said...

PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! I can't wait to find out what the Lord has in store for you all!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Hey -- I watched both segments with only a few tears! That is one amazing story. I thought WE had so many unknowns bringing home an almost 6 year old, but a 14 year old? WOW -- amazing story!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you as I am praying the same thing for our family! I understand about "not being able to walk away".
Feel free to email any spina bifida questions to me:

bugs parents said...

My thoughts exactly, my friend! It's so bad, Janell has told me that since I've called her so many times, go ahead and order our birth certificates!

I watched the video. Wow! That line - does it feel right to leave him in China or does it feel right to bring him home? Can I just tell you - that speaks of where my heart is right now.

Why, oh why, can't money grow on trees or adoption be less expensive?


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