Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Splash Park!

Last week was crazy after getting home from Colorado a day and a half late.
After car trouble in Colorado, God got us home safely, and I never had such an easy drive home. The girls were angels and I was wide awake the whole ride.
Of course, Jorja entertained the police officer who stopped me
(I guess my license plates are expired - I wasn't speeding.)
He only gave me a warning.

Getting all my regular Mommy jobs accomplished,
feeling very unorganized being a day behind.
So, when Friday came we were ready to get out and have some fun!

Thankfully we were blessed with a beautiful spring day!
We went with our Mom/kids Connections group from church to a local splash park.
I wasn't sure what Jorja would think of it.
She was already very confused why I would every ask her to wear an outfit called a swim suit "soom soup" that is in two pieces, no pants - just panties, and no pull-up.
what is this crazy mom thinking!
And it doesn't help when Jailyn calls her swim suit,
"her bra and panties".

When Jailyn showed her what to do with the sprinklers, she was sooo happy!
She came to me a few times during the day with arms open wide, huge smile on her face and said,
"This is fun!!" "Love park!!"

I love days like this too!
No jobs to get done except love and play with each other!
I need more days like this!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

A and A can pretty much wear the same size bikinis! A one piece on Alaina is so baggy, to get it long enough, it's huge on her and hangs! So, bikinis for all the girls! Just not mom, unfortunately!

NancyW said...

How fun! Must be the weekend for waterparks.. Sarah and Evelyn got to meet up for the first time since 18 months ago when they lived together in China. We went to a waterpark that was unfortunately more geared to teens than 5 year olds, but the girls had a blast together anyway.

Tena said...

Where's that park? I think we need to check it out!
Glad they did well - and the weather held out!

The Vest Nest said...

So cute! I hate that we missed it! Hopefully we can make next week at the McKinney park! Oh and Reese calls her bikini tops her "bras" too! When we are in the store, everyone looks at me funny. Ha!


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