Friday, April 3, 2009

What a silly day!

The last few days have been constant running around...  dental appointments, doctor visits, errands upon errands.  Seems like I have gotten nothing accomplished.  Ever feel that way?
Thankfully, within the hustle and bustle we were able to share some cherished moments! 
No photos but fun moments non the less!

- Jorja loves to sing, Jorja loves to sing loud, okay, Jorja loves to scream to a tune!
I have this silly song that I have song to Jailyn and Jorja from the beginning... 
"Who loves Jorja?  Mama, Mama!  "Who loves Jorja? Oh, that Mama does."
Jorja loves to sing but doesn't listen first to hear what the words are - 
she just starts singing loudly along.  Too funny!
Our rule is no singing in stores or in the car.  It's just too loud. :)
Yesterday, the girls and I were running errands and while at T*rget Jorja asked, 
"Yes, Jorja, we use our inside voice."
"Outside... sing!" giggle giggle!
"Yes we can sing outside!"
She loves to shop but was so looking forward to going outside to belt out a good song!
The cart was not an inch out of the storeway door and Jorja sang loud and strong...
"Who love Mama?  Who love Jorja?  oooh-  Mama!" 
Jailyn and I were cracking up laughing! 
 Jorja was laughing as she sang and the 20 people in ear shot were laughing as hard as we were!  Hopefully it made their day too!
Inside the car -Jorja said, "Inside?" 
"yes, Jorja, inside voice."
"okay, Mama... more outside?"
and we were off to the next parking lot to entertain fellow patrons.  

The only time I had to run to the grocery store was during Kenzie's karate class.  So the girls and I had 45 minutes to pick up a few things.  No problem! 
Seeing that I had not eaten anything for 9 hours I was starving!  Everything looked good!  :)
At the cash register there is  fresh warm French bread - I'll grab me on of those for dinner.  
Oh, sale if you buy two?  Great! 

Little do the boys know - Kenzie, Jailyn, Jorja and I ate one of the loafs before we got home!
Kenzie was in charge of passing out the pieces (in the dark).  When we got home the 12 inch loaf was hollowed out.  Guess Kenzie doesn't like crust!  

I am so thankful for these silly times that I can laugh with my family!

Have a great day and don't forget to be silly!


Shonni said...

Fun post!! It is nice to get ot know your family! Your children are so cute. Just last night we played musical chairs with 9 children ... we were all laughing and having so much fun...your post reminds me that I need to do that more with my darlin's!!!

Amy in Arizona said...

I love Jorja!! What a fun girl!! Maybe someday I will be able to meet her. We are seriously considering moving to Texas (that is where the jobs are). We are hoping to move to SA (where my family is), but are also looking in Dallas. Who knows?? I could be your neighbor soon!! I look forward to hearing a solo from Jorja!


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