Friday, April 24, 2009

Forgetful Friday!

I didn't really forget about my Thankful Thursday post - I was enjoying my day too much!
Sorry, no photos - just had too good of a day, soaking it all in!

The morning began with Conner and I meeting with principals at the local school. Conner is going back to public school, next week. I am much more nervous then he is. Though I'm still not sure if he will be able to handle all the pressures. I know, sending him back in May with only 4 weeks and 4 days left of school sounds crazy! Our idea is that this will be a good transition for him to be prepared for 5th grade. Hopefully, it will take any stress away from him. The other idea is that we should have our answer as to if we should home school him again next year. I figure, if he can't handle the pressure of casual May in school - there is NO way he will be able to handle the stress of the 5th grade year preparing for TAKS and such! So we will see what God has in store!

During this meeting I was thankful for:
Conner speaking for himself! He has grown up so much! He did a great job explaining himself and his sensory diet needs.
I am also thankful to the Principals - as they put up with me as I cried through another meeting with them! (still teary as I type!) Thanks y'all! :)

Conner then was able to spend the morning with some great home school friends! Ms. Selinda took them bowling! These guys all have a very special friendship! It is so wonderful to see Conner have friends!!

Jorja went to pre-school without any tears! She (and I) love Ms. Cori!!! I am incredibly thankful for the growth Jorja has made in such a short time! She makes me think I can adopt another older child. (Did I just say that?)

Jailyn and I had some much needed alone time! It was great running errands with just Jailyn! She is so tender hearted! She relaxes me!
I am SO thankful for her!!!

After Conner's OT - which we are SOOOOO thankful for! And Ms. Joy!!!! We were able to go the park with Ms. Selinda and Ms. Jackie! Conner got to play soccer and climb!!
and the girls were able to swing!!!!
And I got to chat with my girl friends!!!

Brady sat on the couch and cuddled with me!!! I love age 15!!!
(Of course, he wants to go to the movies tonight with his friends!)
And Bryan got home, on time (kinda) from soccer practice!

God is so good to us! He has blessed us with healthy, smart kids!
He has, and continues to carry us through the good and bad times!

Jodi Sue :)


Heather BT said...

I read that!
The catching butterflies only has a week before we don't have any kids 'in progress' so to speak. This hasn't happened since we started over a year ago. Lovely kids on the shared list. There's a darling 6.5 year old boy who is color blind. :)
Take care!
So glad you had a good day
Heather BT

Shonni said...

What a nice post! I love seeing God take care of his children and YES you did say that (adopt older child) Ha--ha

Tena said...

See you soon!

sasha said...

What a beautiful family you have! Boy I thought I did a lot today...kudos to you for not collapsing in exhausting

NancyW said...

Great news about Connor's progress and the support he is getting from school. Glad Jorja is loving her teacher too.

Special time with Jailyn is so important. I've found that if I make that extra effort to spend special time with Elizabeth, she is so much happier and better behaved. Getting a new sister is an adjustment!

Heather BT said...

Calliandra is currently in size six, however, we're expecting that by this time next year, she'll be in 10's. That's what her two best friends did when they came home, huge growth spurt.

You can email and text in posts by going to the settings folder for your blog and there's a tab called - something like - email and mobile. Very easy to set up. Not sure why I never did it before. I could be texting in Acer cute sayings all the time. Like when he told me my singing needed new batteries!

Take care!
Heather BT


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