Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on Jailyn

Well... there is not a lot to say...

We are still looking for a reason for her pain. Her pain comes and goes, but when the pain is there it is excruciating. She is sill not herself - kinda cranky and just not as happy- go - lucky as normal. We know she is still not feeling well when she doesn't want to go to karate or school.
Still no high fever, no flu type symptoms, no on else in the house has gotten sick.

Have I told you? We love our Dr.'s office. They are so sweet to her and all of us. They are working hard to figure all of this out. We are being referred to a Gasternologist. Hopefully we will be in to see him sooner then later.

Thank you for all your prayers!

And someone made the cutest card for Jailyn and left it in our mailbox. But, there is no signature -Jailyn loves the card and carries it every where! But, it is driving her nuts guessing who it may be from - please step forward! Thank you!!

Happy Friday and Spring Break next week!!!


Heather said...

Still thinking about you guys! Hope Jailyn starts feeling better soon.

Beaver said...

Who are you going to see? We've been to Dr. Whitney & Med City for two of our kids. She did Gracie's endoscopy when she was 3. Went to another one before, but Dr. Whitney was WAY better.

Heather BT said...

Prayers my friend
Heather BT


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