Monday, February 2, 2009

Too many posts!

I have so many post ideas running through my head - but no time to complete any of them.
I hope to get a breather in the next few days - so that I can share my words of wisdom or more like - lack of wisdom!!!

Here are some precious photos to share!
This week we were actually able to put a pony tail holder in Jorja's hair! She loved having a bow that stayed in!


bugs parents said...

Beautiful girls you have there! Jorja looks like she is doing great. Such a pretty smile these days.

Can't wait to hear the words of wisdom. I was just thinking this morning that I need some from somewhere!

Amy said...

so cute! Sarah hates stuff in her hair...but so do Nicole and Jessica.
I forgot...

My address is Im Hirschmorgen 2
69181, Leimen, Germany

Amy said...

Great pictures! That's great that Jorja wants a bow in her hair. We are making slow progress with Presley keeping her ponytails in her hair. You have gorgeous daughters!!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I, like Pam, could use some wisdom these days. I seem to be running short (just ask my 15 year old)!

Are you sewing, my friend? Cute dresses!

NancyW said...

What sweet pictures! Sarah's hair is now finally even all around after a year and she LOVES any kind of barrette, headband or hair clip. She wants to grow her hair long like her big sister.

What darling smiles your girls have and I love the hug photo!


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