Friday, February 6, 2009

God cures another waiting child!

Jorja was listed on the Special Needs list for as a Hep B carrier. When we inquired about her with our agency, they said that the blood work reports they had received makes the physicians believe her body has fought off the infection and she is clear of Hep B.
We still weren't sure but trusted God that Jorja was our daughter and God wanted her home with us.
God has blessed us over and over with the home coming of our daughter but today we received a wonderful phone call from her doctor's office. After 3 viles of blood and lots of tests... Jorja is Heb B FREE!!! I'm so happy for her!

Thank you God for your many blessings!

Just a funny for the day:
I have lost my voice today - (not good since we have Conner's sleep over b-day party tonight and we have lots of crazy 10 year old boys coming over.)
When Jorja first got up this morning she was scared of my voice - she is now saying, over and over "Momma silly" as she points to my mouth! Too cute!


Amy said...

Thats great news. I would love Sarah to get that result.

NancyW said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! Doing the happy dance for health!

So glad you took the chance on a girl who is truly special, even without the "need" part. I say our Sarah is definitely special and we needed her!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Jodi - I was thinking about you all just today wondering if you had gotten Jorja to the doctor! That is amazing news!

bugs parents said...

God does bless us! What an awesome God we serve!

That's great news for Jorja. She truly is a "special" girl. It was our pleasure to get to meet her in China. Now you get to just enjoy her to pieces and not have to worry about doctors appointments! Yeah! (leaves more time for sports!)

Valerie said...

AMAZING - that is wonderful news. How many other children are mis-labled for life???

I have no voice either...we probably have the same bug.

Lil Dude got a comment from a soccer coach while he was at the field kicking a ball - the coach thought he was really good and couldn't believe he was only 19 months old. I may have to send him over to Casa De Soccer to get some coaching tips from your all stars.

Love V

Julie said...

That is awesome news!!! One day I hope my kids have the same results.


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