Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally Friends!

Jorja and Jailyn have been friends from first sight. They generally get along very well - they do have their moments but generally they have fun together. They are such opposites! We are hoping this is good in the future! Opposites attract!
It is very hard to get a cute photo of the two girls - as Jailyn loves to huge and cuddle with anyone - Jorja is very picky as to who and when she hugs! For photos Jailyn always wants to put her arm around Jorja's neck - Jorja is never excited about this type of affection!

The friends that I am talking about is Jorja and Cosmo or "Caacamo" as Jorja calls our Black Lab! Cosmo was in at the vet for the first few days when we returned home from China. We brought him home Jorja was very nervous. Cosmo could have cared less about her - just another kid in the house!
As time went on - Jorja realized Cosmo was staying. She dealt with him, but didn't like his kisses! That totally groused her out!
They are finally friends! Cosmo can wag his tail and she laughs! This helps with the peace in our house.

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Amy in Arizona said...

That is an ADORABLE picture of the girls!!


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