Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Engine or new car?

So, my car wouldn't start this morning - thankfully Bryan was still home so, I could get Kenzie to school on time with his truck. Having the tow truck come get the car from our house and all - Bryan received a phone call from the "car doctor" (as Jailyn calls it) - and - the engine is dead. New engine or new car. UGH!
We were really hoping the van would last one more year! If anyone knows of a van or SUV that seats 7 or more, in good condition that is for sale - we'd love to chat with you!

Our Thursday's are usually very busy. We meet with families for church for Bible Study every other week or Connections - for Mom's and kids every other week. Today, was Connections - at our house. We had a great turn out - 7 mom's and 15 kids. We made valentines for the kids at Vicery Meadows Ministry - The Refugee program. The kids did a great job making the valentines! It was kinda strange for them to make cards for people they had not met, but we do plan on meeting these kids at the part in a few months! Hopefully, the kids will be able to connect with each other at that time.

We had to cancel Conner's OT today (because of no vehicle) - he really could of used it! Maybe I need a little OT! :)


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Good luck with the car! That is always frustrating... my car (that I use for work) only seats 4, so we have to occasionally juggle cars as well. not sure how long we can keep it, since it's not really practical at all, but I hate the idea of buying another!!!

bugs parents said...

Sorry to hear about the car. Even though it's always fun to get a new one, it's never fun to pay for a new one!

Your Thursdays sound like fun. Wish we lived closer - I'd be inviting myself over!


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