Sunday, December 7, 2008

Miss. Anderson and Mr. Anderson

Kenzie and Conner have worked for 3 years for this moment!
They achieved their 1st Degree Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts! Now at the karate school they are referred to as Miss. Anderson and Mr. Anderson.
We are so proud of the commitment they have shown through the ups and downs of this intense sport! Karate has been so good for both of them! Kenzie and Conner have such different personalities but they have both learned discipline and commitment, gained self-confidence and self-esteem. We are very proud of them and are excited to see them grow even more as they begin their journey to their 2nd degree Black Belt.

We are also very proud of Jailyn, who received her High-White Belt in the Little Dragons class. I've been told that she stole the show at Belt Testing. She did do very well! She was so excited to be on the mat with Kenzie and Conner. :)

Brady has always been his siblings biggest supporter! And wonderful Belt Testing photographer! Brady doesn't mind walking in front of other spectators to get the good photo! (Tee! Hee!)

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Amy said...

That is very cool!! Big congrats to your kids!! Does karate help Conner with his sensory issues? Cason really wants to do karate.


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