Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More first's for Jailyn!

Jailyn thinks that being 3 is cool!
Our social butterfly is loving being 3!
For her birthday all she wanted was a bike!!! She was so excited and is still learning how to ride it but she will catch on soon enough! And will be zooming through the neighborhood!

Jailyn loved her birthday "cake". We made an Elmo ice cream cake! She was so happy to blow out her 3 candles and dig into her ice cream!
(for some reason I am having a hard time getting these photos up - will do ASAP!)

The day after Jailyn's birthday she was so excited to finally use her backpack for school! She is going to a special speech pre-school through our school district. It is an awesome program (Conner went there for a year). We are sooo happy with her teacher and aide! They are great! And of course, Jailyn walked into the classroom and wanted to know everyone's names!

After school, lunch and nap - Jailyn got ready for her first karate class!! Oh, she loved this!!! She has waited sooo long to get on the karate mat!!! When class was over, she ran to me and said, "I want to do more." I'm so glad she liked it! And so glad that she is learning how to stand in one place and learn self-control! (She is a bit ADHD ya know! -Like her big brother!)

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Amy said...

Oh my Jodi!! I can't believe how cute she is in that karate uniform!! What a little fireball!!!

Amy in Arizona


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