Friday, September 5, 2008

Simplifying my life!

HA! HA!! Simplifying my life!!!
This summer was so crazy with everyone home and wanting to go different directions! Now that everyone is back to school life is still crazy! Right now Brady, Kenzie, and Conner are in three different schools! Jailyn will begin speech pre-school at the end of this month. And when Jorja gets home she will either take ESL classes or I will be home schooling her. Not to mention all the extra curricular activities we are involved in! So, I really need to simplify and de-clutter my life.

This is why I have begun this new blog! The first blog I had was to share with our family and friends about the our adoption of Jailyn Hope. The blog has now become a family blog, where I can brag about my kids and all! Our second blog was begun to share with others how our adoption of Jorja is coming along. I thought it was a good idea to give Jorja her own blog, but now I feel like the extra blog is not a good idea. She is already part of our family - even though she is not home to share every day with us. We know she will be home soon!

So, here we are simplifying and minimizing any extra clutter! This is our new family/adoption blog!


Heather said...

Good thought woman!
De clutter, Simplify, De Stress!
Okay, so you're adopting again, the de stress part really isn't happening, but maybe the rest?
Heather BT

Dee said...

Hi there! Just checking in to see how things are going. Looking more and more like we will be there together!

I wanted to mention to you that we met Sarah and Nancy's gang last month. Wonderful! Also, invited her to "the beach". We go as a big Foreman Family to NC each June. You and your people are welcome to come also. Might be nice for the gals to see each other each summer. E mail more for more details etc.

Waiting right along with you!

Glaziersgirl said...

So glad to see everyone doing well. I see the little darling looks adorable in her new glasses! What a big girl she is becoming. We are all fine here in Houston, but I so miss this time of year in nights, warm days and the breeze in the evenings. Miss you guys. Kiss Jailyn for me and good luck with soccer. I am all about no housecleaning on the weekends!


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