Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Outdoor soccer season has begun!

Yeah! We are off to spending the weekends at the soccer fields again! I love this time of year! I have an excuse to not clean the house on the weekends! It's great!
Brady is still fighting his pneumonia, so he played very little during his game, and didn't ref at all. His team lost to a very good team - 2-1. It was a very exciting game! The boys played great! GO MSC 94B's!
Kenzie ref'd her first game! She had a good time, one of her teammates was ref'ing also. This made her feel a little bit comfortable! Her team won 3-0! This is the highest score they have ever put up - yeah MSC 96G!
Conner had two games - Saturday his team tied 2-2! Very exciting game!
His Sunday game MSC 99B's won 6-1!!! Yeah!!! It was a great game! The boys were passing the ball beautifully!
Jailyn watched all the games and did a great job!! Thankfully there are different friends at each game that she loves to play with!

What a fun weekend!!!

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Christie said...

This is so fun - the family that plays soccer together...

Hope all is well!! I've saved the blog to my bloglines...



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