Thursday, June 18, 2020

Beach Day!

We had such a fun day at a nearby lake this past week, 
and I love when I can pull out my nice camera and get some 
sweet photos of the kids!! 

Photos of the family in our little yard 
throughout the Coronovirus season is getting old!
My creativity is running low!! LOL!

Since Texas allows us,
we got to be with my daughter in law and grands!! 

Ohhh happy day!! 

Baby girl is 7 months old now!! And oohhh so beautiful!

A day of adventure,



facing and conquering fears,

and not one argument!!! 

Notice the mermaid look!!!  
Silly kids!!

Best day!!! 

So what we all needed!!

And of course some gymnastics photos!! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Texas Blue Bonnets

A Texas tradition is to take photos in the spring Blue Bonnets.

We are not good at making this happen annually, 
but this year we stumbled on a small field, and took advantage!

One by one I was able to get some photos! 

They weren’t into taking a group shot-
but I love the 
single photos too!! 

Even got these two to pose!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Art Appreciation!!

We were challenged by our favorite art teacher to recreate art...
this is what the kids came up with!! 

The choose the photos and their costumes and props!

They did an awesome job!

Hagan choose Johannes Kepler. 
Hagan has thought he was pretty cool since studying him in Science this past semester! 

Griggs choose Picasso.

Griggs helped Laynee find a photo. 
He thought Laynee would look pretty like this...

Griggs was absolutely correct!! 
Beautiful Laynee Bug!

Miles choose this painting.

The rolling of the eyes - cracks me up!!! 

Perfect Peace Patch

While the world is quarantined, our favorite camp offered an opportunity to earn a patch!
Some of us have already earned some of the patches
as campers.
Hagan has earned his Indian and Scout patches.
Jailyn has earned her Indian, Scout and Warrior patches.
I have earned Indian, Scout, Warrior, Councilman, Chief and Excellence - from back in the day!! haha!

We decided this would be a great for all of us! 

We had to memorize Bible verses,
make a craft,
play a game with someone over via zoom,
a service project,
and help a family member in a creative way. 

We tackled some verses together.

(the attempt at the man- bun stage of quarantine) 

As the kids got a hang to memorization we encouraged them to work on their own! 
Griggs was the first to finish his verse memorization!
(Jailyn, myself, Hagan and Miles felt the pressure and followed behind!)

(yes, Miles wears his gym shoes at all times!! It's a trauma thing!)

For our craft we made reusable grocery bags for Earth Day! 

I love Hagan’s bag!

Before our city was put on lockdown we went around to some of
our favorite small businesses and left notes of encouragement 
on their windows.
And of course, began our thank you basket for our delivery peeps!
Soooo appreciate them! 
We love y’all!

Texas Best Gymnastics

Just for Kids Dental

Pinnacle Eye Associates

Donut Bliss

We had a great time playing long distance charades with Mimi, Papa Paul and Uncle JB!!

Helping a sibling was easy! 
These kids are always helping each other! 
Helping each other during homeschooling, putting together toys for the younger kids,
helping each other on our family hikes and adventures,
encouraging each other through this whole quarantine time! 
I couldn't be more proud of how our kids have pulled together to meet each other emotionally or physically! 
It's not been easy - but they have pulled together!! 

Camp Elim sent us our earned patches!
So proud of these kiddos!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Anderson Academy Field Day

If anyone has scheduled a Field Day,
you know that will be the day 
that it rains!! 

Not so much rain, a few sprinkles, but who cares when 
big brother, Donovan planned a bunch of water games anyway!! 

Jailyn's gymnastics track came in handy! 
And is super slippery!! 

Water balloons are always a treat! 

Here's to a great summer!!!  


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